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The Bears and Bees

The Bears and Bees

Hodnotenie 2.7 od 14 uživateľov

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family,

Countriesy: United States of America,

Director: Wilfred Jackson,

Movie lengh: 6 minút

Release date: 09.07.1932

Budget: 11 225$

Income: 0$

About movie:

Two bear cubs tussle harmlessly, then start to munch on a berry bush, until a bigger,
meaner bear chases them off. They nibble some flowers and find a bee, which they follow to the hive, which they then proceed to raid. The big bear chases them off, but unknown to him, a bee spotted the raid and has summoned the attack squad. The bees run him off, and the cubs dig in.
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